ABZ*AUSTRIA is a non-profit women’s organisation that has been devoted to the equality of men and women on the Austrian labour market ever since it was founded in 1992. ABZ*AUSTRIA has approximately 180 employees, whose work is divided amongst 6 areas of specialisation, in which they develop solutions to issues such as "Gender Mainstreaming and Diversity Management", "Reconciliation Career.Family.Private Life", "Work.Youth.Age", "Lifelong Learning", "Work.Migration.Integration" and "New Work.Digitization.Innovation"

In addition to its work with and for women, ABZ*AUSTRIA also offers its services as a cooperation partner to companies and decision-makers from the world of politics.

ABZ*AUSTRIA is financed exclusively by contracting on projects with the Austrian Labour Market Service "AMS", the Austrian Länder, the Austrian federal government and the government of the EU, as well as with private industry.

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